Shugo Chara

Shugo Chara is an anime about ‘finding your true-self.’

Amu and her three charas: Ran, Miki, Su   …[Source]
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice-of-Life, Action (girly kind)
My Rating: 8

Episodes: 51
Episode Length: 24minutes
Aired: 2007-2008
Rated: PG

Mangaka: Peach-Pit
Released: 2006
Ended: 2012
Chapters: 52
Volumes: 12

Description: Amu Hinamori is an elementary student who is shy and insecure. Unfortunately, everyone gives her the reputation of being “cool and spicy,” which makes it hard for Amu to show her true feelings. One night, while eating dinner, Amu sees a show talking about guardian charas. Seeing the show, she makes a wish to gain courage. The next morning, Amu wakes up to see three colored eggs in her bed- these eggs hold Amu’s three true selves/characters. As Amu becomes the Joker of the Guardians (a special student council group with members who all have charas), she must fight against the evil organization Easter. She must prevent them from finding the embryo- an egg that will grant any wish. Along the way, Amu tries to find herself and learns how to make friends.

Tadase, Amu, Ikuto. ….[Source]

– When I was younger, I was obsessed with this show. I’ve rewatched some parts of the anime, and I’m questioning if it is a 7 or 8 for MyRating. I left an 8 because that is what I rated it after rewatching it the 1st time.
– The manga has a NON-RUSHED ending. On the other hand, the animes ending is VERY rushed. I recommend reading the ending to the manga after watching the anime.
– One of my favorite characters of all time is Ikuto. The voice actor for Ikuto also happens Gray from Fairy Tail, fyi. :D


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