1/2 Prince

My favorite manga (/manhua) is 1/2 Prince.

Light haired guy is Prince. ….[Source]
Genres: Gender Bender, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Fighting, Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi-(somewhat)
My Rating: 10
Author: Yu Wo
Artist: Choi Hong Chong
Released: 2006
Chapters: 72

Description: Feng-Lan is girl going to college in the year 2100 A.D. A new game called Second Life is made with 99% realism, and Feng-Lan’s twin brother says that it would be easy for girls to play the game with their “female benefits,” causing the two sibling to make a bet. When Feng-Lan designs her character, she decides to become a handsome male elf named Prince. Typically, changing gender is not allowed, but since Feng-Lan is the first player of the game, she is an exception. As a result she is the first and only female to play as a male in Second Life. While learning how to level up and fight, Feng-Lan forms a group and makes many friends. Many problems and secrets about Second Life are revealed in Feng-Lan’s journey as Prince, while she finds difficultly hiding that she is the Blood-Elf in reality. With her struggles, Feng-Lan faces hardships and makes many memories.

This makes me laugh every time! ….[Source]
– As far as I know, there is no anime.
– Can be read here: http://mangafox.me/manga/1_2_prince/
– I think the manga might also be able to be categorized as Shounen-Ai, but with the Gender Bender it’s complicated.
– 1/2 Prince is about a person playing a video game or being in it. It shares similarities to SAO (Sword Art Online), so if anyone likes the gaming concept they should try reading 1/2 Prince x)
– I really love this manga :) After Fairy Tail took a break, I had no idea what to do next. I started with 1/2 Prince and it was smart move because this manga is just amazing!
– THE MAIN 1/2 Prince story ends at chapter 70. After chapter 70, the story kind of stretches on with the next generation. The manga got a bit iffy around the 60s-70 chapters, so I’m a bit worried about the stretching-the-story thing. For now, I would recommend just stopping at chapter 70.


3 thoughts on “1/2 Prince

    • Yup!!! I just l♡ve 1/2 Prince too!!! xD It seems like the manga is slowly approaching the end, which is really sad! x'(
      I used to watch Naruto, but at that time I wasn’t as obsessed with manga/anime! I’m going to try to watch it again! ^_^
      Thanks for the comments, they weren’t a bother at all! :D


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