I really enjoyed Pinocchio because I really really liked the characters.


Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Shoujo, School Life, Webtoon
My Rating: 8
Mangaka: Maru
Released: 2009
Ended: 2014
Chapters: 80

Description: An average high school girl named Choi Ra Ham buys a beaded-blue necklace before a new semester of school. This beaded-blue necklace is the end of Choi Ra Ham’s average life. She can now see the ghost of a boy named Yu Ga On, who has lost his memory! Along with the ghost boy, a new guy moves in next door to Choi Ra Ham, making things even more complicated. Choi Ra Ham’s simple life now takes a turn for excitement.

Pinocchi webtoon manga. mangacap

– This webtoon was named Pinocchio because the Yu Ga On wanted to be alive. (Like a real boy…) Not much meaning to the webtoon’s name…
– Haram, the protagonist, is a tom boy. Although this is a shoujo manga webtoon, Haram isn’t the typically shoujo character.
– There is this “extra” like thing called One Winter. It is about Ga On’s first winter as a ghost.
– Find the manga here:
– The plot/story in a way felt side tracked. Although it did, I still enjoyed very much.
– I believe this was my second or third webtoon. Most of the webtoons I’ve read are Korean. Besides the fact that they are in color, I don’t see how they are different from manhwa…
– BTW, the second picture is screenshot I took of the webtoon off of mangafox.


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