Mekaku City Actors

Mekaku City Actors is also known as Kagerou Project.

The main characters are in a group called the “Mekakushi Dan,” or Blindfold Organization.

Genres: Supernatural, Psychology, Sci-fi, Mystery, Drama, Comedy, Romance.
My Rating: 8

Episodes: 12
Episode Length: 23minutes
Aired: April 2014 – June 2014
Rated: PG13

Author: Jin
Artist: Satou Mahiro
Released: 2012
Chapters: 23

Description: The members of the group called Mekakushi Dan all possess strange powers. Each member has their own ability, and their eyes turn red when using their power. However, their power was not something they were born with. On August 14th and 15th, multiple incidents that occur bring the members together. Will these incidents help solve the mystery of the Mekakushi Dan’s eyes?

– I’m ashamed to admit that I have not read the manga yet…
– Each episode of the show is like a puzzle piece, so they do tend to leave viewers hanging sometimes A LOT. (If you watch the show, you’ll understand)
– The ending is REALLY rushed :/ I think it’s because the manga has not ended yet…but I don’t know
– If you want an anime show you can relax too, this is not the show. There is suspense, and viewers are constantly left hanging for a couple of episodes (two). This show also requires THINKING. I finished it, but I still don’t understand everything.
– I’m obsessed with downloading Mekaku City Actor pictures… I got most of them from this blog :D

Sources: Pic 1, Pic 2.


3 thoughts on “Mekaku City Actors

    • I personally liked the anime, so I would recommend it. However, lately I’ve been into psychological and tragedy type of animes. IF you want something cheerful and not complicated, I would NOT recommend this anime. It just really depends on what your looking for.


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