Dear, Only You Don’t Know

Dear, Only You Don’t Know is manhwa about the lives of six different women/girls.


Genres: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Webtoons.
My Rating: 7
Mangaka: Yuria
Released: 2012
Chapters: 47

Description: Everyone knows women are ‘complicated.’ Every woman has her own secrets and tricks. However, some woman will risk everything they have to keep their secrets hidden. One will hide her personality from her own husband, another will hide her plain face, another women will hide her feelings, one will hide her past, a girl will hide her otaku hobby, and the last girl will hide her age to win love. As these six secrets are slowly revealed, what will these woman do to protect their secrets.


– There IS a plot to this manhwa (so far). It is NOT one of those one shot mangas with a totally different story every chapter.
– The characters and their stories some-what intertwine with each other. Some characters know the others, but not everyone.
– I found this manga randomly. It caught my eye when I saw that it had three chapters released within the same month. I eventually read it because it was a manhwa and in color (it reminded me of Pinocchio, Girls of The Wilds, etc.)
– For me I love the comedy in this manhwa a lot x) It’s not unrealistic and I can understand how some of the characters feelings.
– I would recommend this manga to anyone who likes josei. It’s really nice.

Sources: Pic 1, Pic 2.


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