Gakuen Alice

Whether it’s the manga or anime…Gakuen Alice endings have always frustrated me.

When I first heard about Gakuen Alice, this is what I thought about…

When I first heard about Gakuen Alice, this is what I had thought it would be like…

Genres: Shoujo, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, School Life, Supernatural, Mystery, Tragedy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Psychology.
My Rating: 7

Episodes: 26
Episode Length: 25minutes
Aired: 2004-2005
Rated: PG

Mangaka: Higuchi Tachibana
Released: 2003
Ended: 2014
Chapters: 180

Description: Sakura Mikan is shocked to hear that her best friend Imai Hotaru is going to the Alice Academy in Tokyo. Leaving her grandfather in the country, Mikan goes to Tokyo hoping to see Hotaru. However, when Mikan gets to the Alice Academy, she encounters a boy wearing a cat mask- Hyuuga Natsume- and Alice’s teacher Narumi. Immediately after Mikan meets Narumi, Narumi realizes that Mikan is different. Soon Mikan finds herself being enrolled into the Alice Academy and learning the hidden secrets of the Academy. But what danger will the Alice Academy’s secrets bring?

Gakuen Alice pic2

– My rating is a 7 because the anime is not that good (compared to the manga), the endings for the manga and anime felt sudden/not satisfying, and in the manga I felt there were some parts dragging on.
– I watched the anime first and then read the manga. The anime barely begins to tell the story, so it doesn’t show much.
– The anime does imply somethings that aren’t true.
– O_O I think I made it sound like I hate the anime… I don’t hate it, but the manga is SOOO much better. However, the manga seems pretty long since there are some depressing events. I would recommend taking breaks now and then when reading the manga. I started watching Fairy Tail late in this manga, so it helped me a lot.

Source: Pic 1, Pic 2.


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