Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

While I was traveling, I had Snafu to watch on TV.

(FYI: I was told this anime was called My Teen Romance Comedy Snafu. That is not a direct translation of the name)

Snafu pic 1

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Slice-of-Life, Psychology.
My Rating: 8
Episodes: 13
Episode Length: 24minutes
Aired: April 2013- June 2013
Rated: PG13

Description: Antisocial Hikigaya Hachiman has no friends or girlfriend. He thinks that “youth is an illusion,” and he often calls his classmates foolish. After writing a report one day, Hachiman’s teacher- Shizuka Hiratsuka, forces him to join the service club. In the service club is the school’s prettiest and smartest girl Yukinoshita Yukino. What will happen when the antisocial loner and the ice-cold beauty meet?

Snafu pic2

– There is a manga. I just can’t seem to find it X_X
– I know that the mangaka is Watari Wataru
– Here is the ad/trailer for Snafu if anyone is interested(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY0-ijRsun8
There WILL be a season 2 !! (5/23/15) Season 2 is out! It is currently ongoing.
– There is a video game AND a light novel too…

Pic Sources: picture 1, picture 2.


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