Nana is intense shoujo anime; it’s the dark type.

Nana pic1

Genres: Shoujo, Josei, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Slice-of-Life, Tragedy, Music.
My Rating: 7
Episodes: 47
Episode Length: 23minutes
Rated: R

Mangaka: Yazawa Ai
Released: 2000
Chapters: 84

Description: Nana Komatsu (aka Hachi) takes a train to Tokyo to follow her boyfriend Shouji. Having failed many love relationships in her past, Hachi hopes that this time her dreams will come true. On the same train is Osaki Nana. Osaki the vocalist of the punk band “Blast,” is moving to Tokyo in order to make her dream of becoming a professional come true. When the two Nanas sit next to each other in the train to Tokyo to make their dreams come true, their long journey only beings.

– The anime is said to be shoujo while the manga is josei…so i just put both in genres.
– The anime ends abruptly, but it drops off at chapter 42. I got that from this :P :
– Btw, this is rated R. There are sex scenes and all (mostly in the manga). I thought I would just say that.
– This is Nana’s opening song x) it has some really good pics…except that one with Takumi =.= :

Pic Source: picture 1.


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