Stardust Wink

stardust wink pic

Genres: Romance, Drama, [Reverse] Harem, School Life, Shoujo, Comedy
My Rating: 5
Mangaka: Haruta Nana
Released: 2009
Chapters: 38

Description: Fourteen year old Anna and her childhood friends Sou and Hinata find their casual days changing. It starts when Anna catches the attention of the senior she had a crush on and when everyone’s feeling start unwinding. With an unexpected love triangle formed between the childhood friends, what will become of their friendship and love life?

My Notes:
– This manga’s rating is 8 or 9s in some surveys. My rating is just my PERSONAL opinion.
– I typically HATE harem. That might be why I’m annoyed by this manga.
– Stardust Wink appears to be popular. Probably with all that drama…
– This manga is so bad for my heart =.=
– The chapters don’t release often.
– I’m so sorry that I seriously poorly wrote this.

Rant About Why I Dislike This Manga: ***SPOILERS***
I gave this manga a 5 because I really dislike Anna. This manga tries to seem… “pure,” but it kind of seems slutty. The two main guys – Hinata and Sou- seem to be in love with the idiot Anna, but they fool around with other girls and still expect Anna to notice/like them back. Anna even goes out with Sou for BRIEF moment in history and then breaks up with him! That too, Anna falls for Hinata after he gives up on her (although he STILL likes her), and then he has this unnatural relationship with his psycho teacher. Then after Anna and Hinata have moments and all, and Sou is still pissed at Anna for something I don’t even know anymore! Even after Hinata and Anna start going out, it feels like Anna is left in the dark and feels like Hinata really doesn’t like her. To annoy things more, Anna worries for no reason and doesn’t realize the strangeness in Hinata and her.

Simply, I don’t like how this manga has Anna being an idiot and how this manga’s plot ONLY focus’ on Anna’s love life. Sure there is photography, but I feel like this manga is just…bleh.

(Oh and sorry for my language…I couldn’t find better words for what I meant)


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