One cute gender-bender manga I enjoyed was Teppen!

Teppen! pic1
This is Kobato. A girl. x)

Genres: Gender Bender, Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
My Rating: 6
Mangaka: Tsukimiya An
Released: 2008
Ended: 2011
Chapters: 8

Description: Kobato has lived in London with her mother for sixteen years. However, Kobato’s mother passes away leaving Kobato with surprising information- Kobato has an older brother with a burn scar and who is a celebrity in Japan! Going to Japan in search for her older brother, Kobato bumps into Takeru and becomes a male idol. Unaware of what is happening, Kobato accepts the job in hopes of being able to find her brother. The only problem is, is that if Kobato is found out to be a girl, she’ll be fired.

Teppen! pic2

– This manga has a terrible ending. The ending is abrupt and leaves readers aimlessly wondering. To be honest, its like there is no ending.
– When I first wrote this review I had a My Rating of 7. However, the end really does ruin the whole thing. If only the story concluded properly… :/
– Don’t take My Rating so seriously. I love Gender Bender, so my rating might have been a little higher than it should have been.
– When I search Teppen!, I get some different answers… so here (: http://www.mangahere.co/manga/teppen/
– Er… sorry about the pics. There weren’t that many amazing ones.


3 thoughts on “Teppen!

  1. Would you recommend this? Seeing the ending isn’t really good, I guess not? I’m big on ending, to me the ending is like everything. If the ending sucks, then it ruins it for me and I won’t like it as much since endings ARE really important. But when you say no ending, is it because not everything is resolved in the end or…?


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