Five is a harem manga with eccentric characters.

Five pic1

Genres: School Life, Comedy, Romance, [Reverse] Harem, Shoujo
My Rating: 3
Mangaka: Frurkawa Shiori
Released: 2004
Chapters: 61

Description: Hina Asou has transferred to her last and final school. After constantly moving and transferring schools due to her father’s job, Hina plans of making friends and plans to make her high school dreams come true. However, Hina’s class is filled with boys, and she captures the attention of five popular boys. With these five boys and Hina’s eccentric school, what will happen to her high school plans?

Five pic2

– I’ve seen other ratings of this manga on other sites. There in the 7-8 range.
– I put 3 for My Rating, but its more like a 3.5 -ish
– This manga is (reverse) harem and romance, but it isn’t like all the boys are head over heals for the protagonist. This makes it easier for me to read ^-^
– There is a plot to the manga. The plot is interesting, but its VERY VERY slow. On top of that, the mangaka didn’t release chapter 60 until a year after chapter 59. The year gap combined with the slow plot really hurt the manga. This made My Rating go down.
– Besides the slowness, the art is just…. :/ I’m used to reading mangas with sloppy/old/bad art, but if a person who just learned how to read manga read Five…they would struggle. The art can make it hard to know what’s happening at times. This made My Rating go down.
– Some adventure and events they have just really frustrate me. Its like extreme extra fluff that you don’t want.
– I’m not very interested in this manga, and find it hard to read. I took LONG breaks from reading this often. I bet when it has an ending it would be a lot better…but for now it needs to get there.

Sorry for writing A LOT in notes & for poor writing in description (>_<‘)


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