Toradora is a very cute and funny.

Toradora pic1

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice-of-Life, School Life, Drama
My Rating: 8
Episodes: 25
Episode Length: 24minutes
Aired: 2008- 2009
Rated: PG13

Author: Takemiya Yuyuko
Artist: Zekkyo
Released: 2008
Chapters: 49

Description: Takasu Ryuuji unfortunately looks like his scary father. Even though Ryuuji is gentle and does the household chores, people often misread him as a delinquent. As a result, Ryuugi falls in love with Minori Kushieda since she doesn’t run away from him at first sight. At the same time, Ryuugi meets Aisaka Taiga, who turns out to be Minorin’s best friend. Despite her cute appearance, Taiga is the real delinquent. On top of all of that, Taiga is in love with Ryuugi’s best friend Yusaku Kitamura! While the two form a love alliance, what will happen to them with their different personalities?

Toradora pic2

– I have not read the manga, so My Rating is only for the anime. It excludes the manga.
– From what I searched about the manga, the last chapter released back in 2013…so yeah :/
– There is also a game of Toradora on the PlayStation portable.
– The manga is said to be shounen, but again, I have not read the manga. The show seems normal(not specifically shounen) and some websites I checked didn’t include shounen to the genres.
– I really wanted more from the anime and was kind of surprised when it ended. Maybe I was expecting too much? Idk, I was watching Fairy Tail at the same time, so my judgement might have been off.


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