Girls of the Wild’s

Girl’s of the Wild’s is a colored manhwa I started to read two spring breaks ago.

Girls of the Wilds pic1

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Slice-of-Life, Sports, Webtoons
My Rating: 8
Author: Hun
Artist: Zen
Released: 2011
Chapters: 153

Description: Song Jae Gu is offered a three-year scholarship in Wild’s High, and he accepts the offer in hopes to save money. Having to support his two younger siblings by himself, the scholarship is a great deal. However, when Jae Gu goes to Wild High all he sees are girls! It turns out Wild High is a fighting school that had been an all girls school for 42 years until now, and that Song Jae Gu is the only male in the entire school! As Jae Gu  gets tangles up with Dal Dal, Moon Young, and Wilds High’s bloody champion Queen, will his life take a twist for the better or will he face more difficulties?

– This manga/manhwas chapters come out every week (sometimes a little earlier or later).
– The chapters aren’t very long. They can be very short (7 pages or something like that).
– Queen is a rich girl. So some intense scenes are just cut off with her money influence. This does get very very annoying after a while.
– I’m actually not sure about this manhwas plot. Either its super slow and random or I’m just really unclear about it. For one thing though, I can tell that Queen’s and Jae Gu’s relationship is plotted/planned.
– I started reading this as a pass time, but I really look forward to the chapters every week now ^_^


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