Although I didn’t like the beginning, Is soon got into Pretear.

Pretear pic1
These guys are the knights basically…

Genres: Shoujo, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
My Rating: 8
Episodes: 13
Episode Length: 23minutes
Aired: April 2001 – June 2001
Rated: PG13

Author: Junichi Sato
Artist: Kaori Naruse
Released: 2000
Ended: 2008
Chapters: 19

Pretear pic1
The most popular Pretear pic ‘-‘

Description: When Himeno Awayuki’s father gets remarried to high-class family, Himeno has difficulty adjusting. With her two step-sisters and lovey-dovey parents, Himeno feels left out and lonely. Of course, this all changes one day when Himeno bumps into a handsome guy named Hayate. When the two touch there is static, and Himeno unaware of what it means, leaves in a hurry. Soon Hayate and seven other guys meet Himeno telling her she is a pretear and needs to help save the world! As Himeno must prove herself to be strong and find the courage in her heart, a dangerous women begins her evil plans.

– WARNING: I have not read the manga. I don’t plan to. I heard that they end the same and are similar (I HIGHLY doubt), so I don’t want to see the same thing twice. (I don’t like re-watching/rereading animes/mangas! Sorry!)
– I was surprised when I was unhappy that the anime ended. I haven’t watched an anime like this in a while and enjoyed it. I did get annoyed (constantly) at cliché character actions, but I can’t say I hate it.
– I wish there could have been a second season or more to the anime. It went kind of fast when there could have been so much more to the plot.
– It seems like it could be reverse harem but it never had that appeal.
– Typical shoujo romance anime ‘-‘ its like wedding peach/sailor moon. (Not really sailor moon, sorry, I’m not a big sailor moon fan) Somewhere along those lines.


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