360 Degrees Material

Recently, I have started and caught up with 360 Degrees Material.

360 deg material pic1

Genres: Shoujo, Romance, Drama, School Life, Slice-of-Life
My Rating: 7
Mangaka: Minami Touko
Released: 2010
Chapters: 18

Description: Otaka Mio finds popular Taki Sunao to be strange. He is very smart, handsome, and he surprisingly goes at his own pace. One day at the train station, Taki stands to close to the edge near the railings and is pushed by a rushing person. As the train comes and Taki falls towards the railings, Otaka rushes in and pulls him away. This sudden encounter starts Otaka Mio’s love story.

360 deg material pic2

– Sorry if the description wasn’t that good. Since the mangas is still continuing, I didn’t know which parts of the set up that were important. Ugh srry this doesn’t make sense…just ignore…
– This manga is a very typical shoujo manga, which is why I gave it a seven. There is the love-triangle situations and jealously ones… Besides the fact that the hero is a little slow and different from the usual types, I would say the manga isn’t all that original.
– I heard that the manga is completed, but I think not all the chapters are translated. I’ve searched for 19 on a couple of websites, and haven’t seen it available/translated.


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