Kimi no Sei

OK, so without using Google Translate, Kimi no Sei basically means it’s (all) your fault.

Genres: Drama, Josei, Psychological, Romance, Slice-of-Life.
My Rating: 6.5
Author: Sakura Iro
Artist: Chatani Ami
Released: 2009
Ended: 2012
Chapters: 9

Description: College student Manada Takaya falls in love at first sight. However, the girl he falls in love with is Mikami Yurina- a girl he bullied and tormented in elementary school. Although Takaya can barely remember their past, Yurina can still remember it vividly. While still holding onto the terrible memories, Yurina doesn’t feel the same way about Takaya as he does to her. Yurina hates Takaya and blames him for the psychological damage he has done. Will Takaya be able to change Yurina’s feeling and help her move on?

Kimi No Sei replce for pic 2

– There is a sequel. It’s called Kimi no Sei Kizuato. I didn’t know it existed because this sequel is a bit more recent/newer. It is ongoing, and so far it has 5 chapters. The chapters don’t seem to release consistently, so beware. (I HAVE NOT READ THE SEQUEL)

– Sorry for the My Rating being a 6.5 . I was struggling to choose between a 6 or 7, so I chose a in-between. The manga is good though. Somewhat original/different from what I usually read, but not exactly my favorite. It would have been nearly perfect if I didn’t know what was going to happen next when reading… ¬_¬

SORRY FOR MY LACK OF POSTS! I’ve been bombarded with homework/exams lately. I promise to make it up on Halloween… ≧◡≦

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