Kobato was a cute show I watched when I was had free time.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
My Rating: 6
Episodes: 24
Episode Length: 24minutes
Aired: 2009 – 2010
Rated: PG13

Author: Ohkawa Ageha, Clamp
Artist: Apapa Mokona, Clamp
Released: 2006
Ended: 2012(?)
Chapters: 38.5

Descriptions: Hanato Kobato came to Earth to get her wish granted. To make her wish come true, she must heal the hearts of those on Earth and earn konpeito. Kobato has until next spring to fill up a bottle of konpeito to make her wish come true. Knowing little about Earth, Kobato gets help from the strict and mean Ioryogi-san, who is a talking blue stuffed dog. Along the way, Kobato ends up helping at Yomogi Nursery which is run by Sayaka Okiura and helped by Fujimoto Kiyokazu. With many encounters, Kobato begins to learn many things about humans and starts to fall in love. But who is exactly is Kobato, and will she be able to make the deadline to make her wish come true?

– The manga and anime endings are different. The anime does rush through it a bit, while the manga does go through it a bit slower.
– I took a while to watch Kobato. The beginning had not interested me much, but after some episodes I found myself really enjoying the anime.
– This show in other sites are rated a 7 or 8. Mine is a 6 because of the manga and first couple episodes.
– The ending is sad-ish. Not like tragedy, but shocking and upsetting. I had to read the manga after watching the anime. I felt so upset and confused.
– This show is really “pure” and I would recommend it. I watched it on animeseason when it was there, but now it is on Youtube. [I’m not sure about dub because I watch sub]
– Maybe it was just me, but I found reading the manga confusing. I don’t really remember what happened, but the ending. I think when I read it the pages where jumbled up. I read it off mangahere years ago.
– This isn’t said to be shoujo, but I don’t really know that many guys that have watched this. Just a heads up.


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