I watched Blood+ long before I even started to read manga.

Genres: Horror, Supernatural, Action, Drama, Adventure, Tragedy, Mystery, Romance
My Rating: 8
Episodes: 50
Episodes Length: 24minutes
Aired: 2005- 2006
Rated: R

Mangaka: Katsura Asuka
Released: 2010
Ended: 2010
Chapters: 5

Description: Otonashi Saya is a normal high school student living a peaceful life with her family. However, Saya cannot remember anything from her past, and she constantly needs blood transfusions to be healthy. One day, Saya hears a cello player named Haji play a song, and it triggers Saya to remember a vague memory. Later on Saya goes to her school at night to get her shoes, but encounters a monster who kills one of her teachers. As Saya runs away, Haji fights off the monster and takes Saya into the safety of a classroom. Haji kisses Saya forcing her to drink his blood, and he tells her she needs to fight the monster. What will happen to Saya’s peaceful life, and what secrets does her past hold?

Idk why, but I really like Diva and Saya pictures. Maybe it’s because it’s the only time they don’t try to kill each other? X_X

– This is about VAMPIRES. If you don’t like vampires, then you might not like this show.
– I’ve checked multiple websites for information about Blood+’s mangaka, and most of them have different people :/ I put down Katsura Asuka because two of the websites I checked had that down… I obviously have NOT read the manga.
– I tried my best to make the description detailed without giving too much. I don’t really remember Blood+ that well since I watched it a long time ago, so I may have missed some points here and there. Except the shoes part. Thats not important really.
– I remember being slightly unhappy or disappointed with the ending. I think that was because they hadn’t really answered all the questions and mysteries. But overall I was satisfied with the ending.
– There is Blood-C too. However, it has a totally different setting and story. I remember starting it, but never finishing it. The anime is shorter(12 episodes), but I do know there is a movie of Blood-C.
– Does anyone else kind of like Diva? At one point I did hate her, but eventually I came to like her. Maybe her crazy nature got amusing after some time…? O_O idk…


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