Death Note

Death Note is just amazing at keeping people on their feet.


Genres: Horror, Psychology, Mystery, Supernatural, Shounen, Tragedy.
My Rating: 9
Episodes: 37
Episode Length:
Aired: 2006 – 2007
Rated: R

Mangaka: Ohba Tsugumi
Released: 2004
Ended: 2009
Chapters: 110

Description: 17-year-old Yagami Light and the Shinigami Ryuk are tired of the life and the world that is “rotting.” One day in class, Light sees a notebook (which is later found out to be Ryuk’s) fall from the school top outside. Curious, he later goes to pick up the notebook which is titled “Death Note.” Light reads the instructions saying that if a humans name is written in the notebook they will die. At first Light laughs leaving the book on the ground and saying that it’s a joke, but he turns around and ends up taking the book. Later that night Light tests the book by writing the name of a criminal from the news. He waits to see if the man will die from a heart attack in forty seconds as one of the rules of Death Note stated. Like the rules said, the man died with a heart attack, leaving Light shocked. Now with Light obtaining a new power, what will he do with it to this “rotting” world?

– I have not read the manga, but I hear it is good.
– Death Note really requires you to think. Its not really a show/manga you can just relax to and watch. However, it really is genius.
– My rating for this is almost a ten. The problem I had is that the beginning was kinda slow for me. This show builds up on stuff, and I’m not patient enough for that.
– There is a huge fandom for Death Note so be careful about what you say!
– My favorite character is L!! X) **SPOILER** Did anyone else freak out when he ‘died’??

Kept on having to answer the door for trick-o-treaters while writing this post O_o


2 thoughts on “Death Note

  1. I’m already up to volume 9 of death note so I’m also done. A friends spoiled what happened to L for me so I was expecting it. But I did like L. But I don’t really have any emotional attachment to any of them. Yeah the manga is really good and interesting. Like you said it’s just genius. I don’t really think it fits as horror though.


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