Happy Halloween :3

Happy Halloween guys!!  🍬 🍭

I’m really really sorry for the lack of posts… So I’ll be posting multiple reviews today!

The reviews will be on animes/mangas that I think can closely relate to Halloween, or are just plain horror.

They will be:  Soul Eater,  Death Note,   Blood+,   High School Of The Dead,   and Black Butler Lucky Star. (Maybe a couple more that are just random… IDK)

Not exactly shoujo…but they are reviews :^)

I would also appreciate if you answer this survey about anime (only three questions): https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B593LWT

Chibi Blair looks really cute! x3

I have an obsession with Diva and angel wings, so I just love this pic O_o <3

None of these pictures are mine. As always, I link them to the original image link (if you did not know). I really love these pictures. They’re cute and amazing x)

I’ll also be posting a bunch of Halloween anime pics on my Tumblr if you guys want to see. My tumblr name is the same as wordpress, so just search that up. (Also in my contact)

So… Happy Halloween guys! Even if you don’t celebrate, hope you guys have a fun day. Bye~!


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