Kotoura-san is a story about the struggles and challenges of a girl who can read minds.

Genres: School Life, Psychology, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural.
My Rating: 6
Episodes: 12
Episode Length: 24minutes
Aired: Jan 2013 – March 2013
Rated: PG13

Mangaka: Enokizu
Released: 2010
Ended: Ongoing*
Chapters: 7.5*

Description: Kotoura Haruka can read people’s minds against her own will. All of her previous classmates called her a monster, and her parents and friends abandoned her. When transferring to a new school, Kotoura keeps a distance from her new classmates, since she is used to being alone and doesn’t want to cause more pain. However, Manabe Yoshihisa accepts Kotoura’s mind reading ability and becomes her friend. For Kotoura who has never been accepted and has never had a true friend before, Manabe’s action is the beginning to the changes in her life.


Chibis (´ー`)

– It seems as if not all the chapters of Kotoura-san are translated. There are a lot more chapters, but I don’t think they will be all translated soon.
– I watched Kotoura-san on a different website this time (than my usual sites). There were a lot of ads on the page, but the video didn’t have bad quality, didn’t stop, and didn’t have ads. I watched the show here.
– There are ovas. I have not watched them (they didn’t sound too interesting), but I know that there are 6 of them.
– [My thoughts on the anime] I knew from the beginning that there would be some type of ‘sad/tragedy’ aspect involved, but to my surprise it was at a minimum. The show had a strong beginning about this aspect, but it got weaker as the story progressed. Overall the show had its cliché moments, and probably could have had more to the plot. This anime isn’t anywhere close to being my favorite, but it is still pretty good.


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