The One

The One is a manhua that I recently finished.

Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Psychology, Shoujo/Josei, Slice-of-Life.
My Rating: 7
Mangaka: Lee Nicky
Released: 2006
Ended: 2014
Volumes: 17
Chapters: 110

Description: Lele’s parents were both models before they died in an airplane crash when Lele was five. Being taken care by her grandmother, Lele lives a simple life. When Lele is seventeen, her aunt, a former model and an agent, tries to convince Lele to become a model. Lele, who has hated fashion since her parents deaths, declines. However, her mind begins to change when she sees a photo of the model Angus Lanson. Soon, Aunt Fei invites Lele to see Angus in person, but little does Lele know of Angus’s twin brother Eros. As Lele’s career begins, what will change, and will Lele find love?

The only difference between these two is the color of their eyes. Problem: manhuas aren’t in color )x

– The chapters use to be (somewhat) monthly. Chapter 110 came out really late, though.
– I put shoujo in genres, but I think it really is josei. I was a bit torn between the two because I felt it was more like a (tragedy) shoujo in beginning, and josei towards the end. It is a manhua, and typically only manhwas have the genre josei. Henceforth, I put both. If it bothers you, then I’m sorry, but the whole point of the note is to get the genre set out straight.
– I liked this manhua. It was pretty good, but I would have to say that the drama got annoying towards the end. I also feel that some of the characters’ personalities became wish-washy as the story progressed. Still, the manga had its funny and good moments.
– Read The One here

This week is a three-day week, so I hopefully will be able to post more (´▽`)


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