The Devil Who Can’t Fly

Just like Pinocchio, The Devil Who Can’t Fly has cheerful characters with mysterious pasts.

CL’s, the devil’s, stuffed animal form

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice-of-Life, Webtoon
My Rating: 6
Mangaka: Dkflrla123
Released: 2012
Volumes: ?
Chapters: 23

Description: Devils and Angels aren’t what humans think of them to be. To become a devil or angel they need to go to school, chose their circular courses, and pass their exams. Those who fail go to hell. They also both need sweets to stay in their human forms, and they need plants called ‘Floss.’ And surprisingly, a devil and angel can sometimes work together as a unit. So when the lonely Yuh-Ool picks up a devil stuffed animal on a rainy day, her ordinary life begins to change. She find the eccentric devil, CL, to act like her ‘mother’ and meets a gangster angel. Along with Yuh-Ool’s new friends, what dangerous secrets and dark memories are each of them hiding?

– This webtoon is said to be slice-of-life, but I don’t really consider this as slice-of-life. There are moments and aspects, but living with a devil is not something that happens everyday.
– I wanted to add that Devils have the ability to erase or alter a person’s memory only once. An Angel has the power to read a person’s past. This will be explained in the story, but I thought it was better to have that information out.
– This is in color. It’s like Girls of the Wild, Pinocchio, Cheese In The Trap, etc. etc…
– The characters seem to have tragic pasts/history. They are cheerful, but there are startling moments when the characters get serious. I don’t love these types of characters, but they do make the webtoon interesting in its own way.
– This webtoon/manhwa can be read on TAPASTIC. It can also be read on Mangafox, and Mangahere. I used mangafox, since I keep track of the manga I read on the bookmarks option there.


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