Watashi ni xx Shinasai

Watashi ni xx Shinasai is a shoujo manga with characters I typically avoid.

By yenefer7 from deviantart
This coloring of Yukina is done really well o.o

Genres: Comedy, Drama, (Reverse) Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo.
My Rating: 6
Mangaka: Tooyama Ema
Released: 2009
Chapters: 69
Volumes: 18

Description: Himuro Yukina is a middle school girl with a glare that scares everyone around her. The only direct human contact Yukina has is with her parents and cousin Akira. Besides her family, Yukina is a famous cell phone novelist, who enjoys making her readers happy. When Yukina’s novel drops down a rank to second place, she realizes that to satisfy her fans and to get her novel back to the top, she will have to add romantic scenes in her novel. However, Yukina doesn’t believe she could ever experience love. So when she finds out the dirty the secret of Kitami Shigure, the school’s ‘bishounen,’ she blackmails him into teaching her what love is. With the their secret ‘love mission,’ can Yukina learn to love?

Made by allyjunkie on deviantart.
It took me a while to ship these 2 (even now I’m iffy about it). I usually ship 2 manga characters of light x dark hair…weird right.

– Read the manga here.
– I could rant on about the things I dislike and like for this manga, so I might make an entire new post for it…or not…idk…I’ll rant a little here…
– When I first started this manga, I didn’t like it. I also knew spoilers about the manga (which were from forums and comments). For the first half of the manga, I really wanted to drop it. Yet, I just couldn’t. The protagonist’s emotions and personality were annoying, I couldn’t stand the ecchi-hentai like moments, and yet I still couldn’t stop reading it just because I was extremely curious about Yukina’s cellphone story. In a way, the story the did get better around the summer time because of a new ‘enemy’ that I found interesting. Yukina also got her priorities some-what straight, so I’m willing to see how this will end.
– My rant here was too long! Even though I deleted some stuff, I guess there is just too much to say about this manga…(mostly bad?)


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