Anemone (Tateha)

So usually, I dislike one shot manga because it typically doesn’t have a plot and is short.
Anemone was sweet and sad, and it made me upset that it was a one shot.

Genres: One Shot, Romance, Drama, Josei, Tragedy.
My Rating: 6
Mangaka: Tateha
Released: Jan 2015
Ended: Jan 2015
Chapters: 1
– Pages: 41
Volumes: 1

Description: Anemone is a flower that sits in the flower shop everyday. As he watches the people outside pass by, he soon sees a lady and falls in love with her. When a flower falls in love with a human, what will happen….

– It’s a short sweet one shot to read if you have nothing else to do. Or if all your favorite manga won’t update… x(
– Read Anemone heRe
– Recently, the romance mangas I’ve been reading have had weird love…Like a box and a doctor and now a flower and lady… Wow O___O
– Idk if I should make a list of all the one shots I’ve read. There won’t be a lot, of course, since I don’t read one shots often. But I am making no promises. I still have to do all the other things I’ve planned after all


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