Love in the Mask

Love in the Mask is a manhwa/manga that made me obsessed with manga and manhwa.


Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Gender Bender, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Tragedy.
My Rating: 10
Mangaka: Han Yu-rang
Released: 2000
Ended: 2011
Chapters: 134
Volumes: 32

Description: When Hyun Bin was a child, she was a poor and homeless orphan, who lived with her younger brother Pig. Even though she dressed up as a boy to survive, she and her younger brother struggled with the child-abusive street gangsters. One day, while Hyun Bin was selling gum for money (that the gangsters often took), she was taken away to be bodyguard for the rich, young Yaeha. However, for Hyun Bin to guard Yaeha, she had to continue pretending to be a boy. If she couldn’t keep her gender a secret, she would be sent back to the gangsters. Enduring harsh lessons to become a bodyguard and to make herself seem like a boy, Hyun Bin protected her secret for eight years. But for how long will Hyun Bin live as a cold, emotionless boy? What will happen to Hyun Bin when she falls in love?


– In the description, I specifically did not mention an important fact. I felt like it could have been considered a spoiler, so I tried to be vague about that fact/event.
– Although this manhwa is long, it only took my -3 days to finish reading it. I have re-read it many times before, and I absolutely love it. I would recommend this manhwa to anyone because it’s amazing.
– This mangaka is one of my favorite mangakas. After reading Love in The Mask, I moved to reading the mangaka’s other works. They’re pretty good too, but the updtes take forever.
– Read Love In The Mask here.
– Since it is a manhwa, read right to left (the screen’s right to left). -> ->


5 thoughts on “Love in the Mask

  1. I also really like the mangaka and also Hwang Mi Ri. I guess they both have the same art style. Most of the manga/manhwa is really good, sadly though a lot of them are ongoing and they don’t update because I guess the people decided it wasn’t popular enough to translate more of it.


    • Yeah, I like Hwang Mi Ri too. My favorite manhwa of his are Hot Blooded Women and He Dedicated to Roses. Both are completed, but the other manhwa(s) that are ongoing rarely update. I think that if they updated more of the translations, the manhwa(s) would get more popular, though.


      • Yeah, I think so too. I’ve also read Hot Blooded Woman and He Dedicated to Roses. They were both really good. =D I was excited when I saw they were completed ones. I just read them last year.


      • I love how his protagonist are really strong and how the story is unpredictable in those manhwa(s). :) Have you read Saesang Bring It On? It’s one of Hwang Mi Ri’s recently completed manhwa.


      • Oh I haven’t. I will go check it out. Thank you!
        Yeah that’s what I really like a lot them too. Mainly because the protagonist is strong or strong willed.


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