Charming Junkie

Charming Junkie is a manga about a boy who is secretly a female model and a girl with a scary smile.


Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice-of-Life.
My Rating: 8
Mangaka: Fukuyama Ryoko
Released: 2004
Ended: 2013
Chapters: 90
Volumes: 16

Description: When Naka Kaburagi confessed to her senpai, he turned her down and said that he preferred “a girl whose smile is like a flower like Umi’s.” After being rejected, Naka is determined to become a model and prove to her senpai that she can smile like a flower. So Naka joins the same agency as Umi Kajiwara, who is the famous female model that Naka’s senpai adored. Although Naka has almost all the qualities of a model’s, her face becomes scary when she smiles or becomes nervous. One day, while Naka is heading to an audition that Umi will be judging for, Naka bumps into Umi and accidentally finds out that Umi is actually a boy. On top of that, it turns out that Umi goes to the same school as Naka, and that he is the student body president. While Naka works hard to become a successful model, she and Umi begin to grow closer. With Umi’s secret, and Naka’s scary face, what future is in store for them?


– Gender Bender is one of my favorite genres, so I enjoyed this manga. I liked the relationships between the characters, but some characters individually weren’t the most original characters ever. The plot was nice and got intense towards the end.
– If anyone likes the whole fashion/model concept with gender bender, then I would recommend the manga Kuragehime.
– I do not remeber this manga very well. I read it a while ago, so from what I can remember, I can say this manga is one of the few idol mangas that have a good plot. This manga doesn’t match up to Skip Beat, but it isn’t plain awful. Also, I remember finding the ending some-what unsatisfying. Like it could have been better.
– Read the manga online here :)


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