Yuru Koi

Yuru Koi is a short romance manga.

Genres: Romance, Josei.
My Rating: 6
Mangaka: Yoshino Aki
Published: 2007
Chapters: 5
Volumes: 1

Description: After quitting her job, Sakuma Suzu goes home for the first time in six years. On her way home, she falls into a hole and gets stuck. However, a man named Kusakabe Sou saves her, and Suzu learns that Sou was the one who apparently dug out the hole. As Sou leaves a bad first-impression, what relationship will develop between the two?

– For me, I like to read these types of manga when I’m bored. Yoshino Aki has a couple of mangas that are short (5 chapters), and I typically enjoy reading them.
– This manga is a josei, which is different from shoujo in many ways. Just putting it out there, but I would not recommend this manga for kids.
– Chapters 4 and 5 are side stories.
– Read the manga here.


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