Personal Notice: Exams

Today, somehow, I managed to publish a post!

Unfortunately, this may be my only post for a while, since, I have exams for the next three weeks.

Yay, me! :/

algebra 2… :'(
Yup. My teachers all lied to me. They said our testing would be only a week, maybe even two. And then… I get a calendar for March from one of teachers, and its like “SURPRISE!” You have three straight weeks of testing.

Luckily, I won’t be testing everyday, (the schedule is complicated), so I may get in some post, although I highly doubt it.

My testing starts Monday (of my timezone). So… in two days basically…
On the bright side, my test scores for these exams might not be valid for the next three years [since this is a new test in my state/country(?)]

Anyway, I will do my best both on my exams and to get in some posts! Wish me luck (╯•﹏•╰)


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