I found K: Missing Kings

Hey guys. This is going to be a super short post because I’m in a bit of a hurry….

But…Lately, I’ve been paranoid because of K: Missing Kings. I recently watched K (-project), and so I’ve been super impatiently waiting for the movie to be out in English sub.

It certainly didn’t help that the people I follow on tumblr were posting gifs from the movie. And on top of that, my personal issue with ‘anime’ being blocked…

I guess the blocking program really doesn’t work that well because I FINALLY found the movie in English sub. I streamed it from here. Now, the quality is… well I find it bad. But at the same time, I’m use to it. When your desperate anything goes, really.

I just wanted to share the link to help people find the movie in subs. I don’t usually use this site for anime, but it seems ok… (better than others I’ve seen at least)

The movie was good. (But) I had already had heard a ton of spoilers from others, so I already knew what to expect. The ending is definitely open for the next K season, which I will be anticipating.

Anyway, I will be writing more another day. I will probably get in another post by the end of Saturday. Maybe Friday if I’m lucky. I’m not going to make any promises, but a post this weekend will certainly happen. Later ;)


3 thoughts on “I found K: Missing Kings

  1. Is K really good? I’ve only seem ep.1 and I want sure if i would like it or not. I’ve been trying to decide if i should really watch it. I mean the gifs on tumblr looks like it’s really good.


    • Well it’s hard to say. K is one of those rare animes where the beginning is slow and bad, while the ending is really good. For me, the ending made an impression, so I found myself interested. There was also a character I came to really like. Without that ending or the character, I probably would have disliked K in all honesty. If you don’t mind an anime that is slow, then I would definitely recommend it.


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