When I first watched K-project I was uninterested and bored, but it managed to surprise me as it progressed.

Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Fighting, Supernatural.
My Rating: 9
Episodes: 13
Episode Length: 24minutes
Aired: 2013
Rated: PG13

Authors: GoRA, Gohands* (Rairaku Rei, Furuhashi Hideyuki)*
Artist: Kimura Rin, Ookita Yoru, Minato Saki, Kuroe Yui **
Numeber of Manga(s): 6
Names of Manga(s): K: The first, K: Countdown, K: Days of Blue, K: Memory of Red, K: Lost Small World, K: Stray Dog Story

Description: Yashiro Isana lives an ordinary life in Shizume City, while attending Ashinaka High School. Yashiro lives an easy carefree life getting along with everyone. However, when bumps into Kuroh Yatogami and the red king’s group HOMRA, his ordinary life changes. A video of Yashiro murdering Tatara Totsuka is leaked. Accused as the killer of HOMRA’s member and as the next colorless king, Yashiro finds himself being hunted down by HOMRA and Kuroh. On top of that, Yashiro has no recollection of killing Totsuka. While Yahsiro ends up struggling to prove his innocence to Kuroh, things being to slowly unravel.

– * GoRA is what I consider the ‘main’ author. Gohands and the other two authors did not deal with all the different manga(s), while GoRA did.
– ** The artists change from manga to manga. So, I have just put all the names of the artists down. FYI: Kuroe has worked with more than one K manga.
– I have not read the manga yet. (I haven’t read manga in so long really)
– The next part to K (anime) is the movie: K Missing Kings.
– There will be another season after the movie.
– K is often refereed to as K-project online (makes it easier for searching tags).
– I think the anime came first before the manga. (I haven’t found enough accurate sources be 100% sure)
Official site
– The show is ecchi with Neko and all, but it isn’t one of those extreme ecchi animes. That’s why opted out of putting ecchi into the Genres.
– The beginning of the anime is slow. I found it boring, annoying, uninteresting… I felt that the anime took too long to get to the point. It also didn’t help that the main character didn’t make the best first impression for me too. The only thing keeping me watching was Kuro and the whole Silver King thing. I was really ready to drop the anime. HOWEVER, once the anime got to the point, I couldn’t stop watching. It was really good and I couldn’t wait for the movie and next season to come out. For me, K and Death Note are similar in that they take time to set up the plot. This can, however, leave viewers bored.

Sources: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3.


5 thoughts on “K

  1. I’ve seen the first episode of it and I was left wondering if the anime will be any good. It does look like it progresses slowly. I checked online and most people say, like you, that it’s slow, boring and bad at the start but then really good at the back. I was wondering if you think it’s worth it to endure the first few episodes?


    • I thought it was worth it. I found the concept of ‘kings,’ pretty original and interesting. The ending also left me excited to see what would happen next in the series. I’m not sure how most people felt, but I was personally felt glad that I didn’t drop the anime.


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