Blood-C is a spin off of Blood+.

Genres: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Tragedy.
My Rating: 7
Episodes: 12
Episode Length: 24 minutes
Aired: July 2011 – Sept 2011
Rated: R

Authors: Clamp, Kotone Ranmaru
Artists: Kotone Ranmaru
Released: 2011
Chapters: 9+ *
Volumes: 4

Description: Saya Kisaragi is a clumsy, airheaded, high school girl. Ever since her mother’s death, Saya and father- Tadayoshi Kisaragi- have lived alone in their shrine. Saya has always had the secret responsibility to defeat the “Aged Ones,” in her hometown. The “Aged Ones” are ‘dangerous monsters’ that prey on humans. To keep her promise of protecting her loved ones, Saya must defeat all the “Aged Ones.” However, who did Saya make the promise to if her father and mother were the only people who knew about the “Aged Ones?”

– The anime continues with the movie Blood-C: The Last Dark.
– I have not read the manga, and I do not plan to do so. I have heard that the anime and manga are very alike (I believe the anime was first), and since the movie ended pretty decently, I satisfied and done with the series.
– * I use mangatown for the manga series I read, but I’ve seen that its slow to update. I have found other sites saying that there are 4 volumes, which probably means that there are suppose to be more than 9 chapters. There should be about sixteen chapters if there are four per volume (the average amount), but that is a hypothesis. I still am struggling to find a legal and quick updating manga reading app/site, so until then I do not think I’ll be able to confirm this.

Sources: Pic 2, Pic 1, Pic 3.


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