Future Posting Schedule

Before I talk about my new ‘schedule,’ I just wanted to say that I hoped that everyone’s July has been awesome!

So the reason I have not been posting or replying at all was because of travelling (I went Italy which was really hot but beautiful)! I was gone longer than I originally planned for due to issues, so I apologize. Before travelling, I had exams and school.

Overall, I realize that I’m not posting weekly as I should be, so I have decided to come up with a new schedule that will hopefully work. This schedule is for the remaining of 2015.

Up until mid-September I will be posting at least two posts per week. I already have some posts ready for publishing, but I will publish them starting from tomorrow.

I will most probably not be publishing during October due to blasted testing. However, I will post multiple posts on 31st / Halloween.

Around November I should be stabilizing back into a post per week. I might change the posting day from Friday to Saturday or Sunday. When I figure out when, I will update that into the ‘About’ page. I may have Thanksgiving Break to write a couple of posts, but I have a feeling I’ll be busy.

The most posts should be coming out in December end. I will have a long break until the beginning of January, so I will be posting at random during that time. I’ll see if I can do a bunch of posts on Christmas or Eve.

^^; Me during winter break…

This is what will most probably happen for the rest of 2015. I can’t say I’m 100% sure, but considering what happened last year and the year before, I am pretty this will happen.

The only problem I can see happening is if I go traveling (again) in December, get sick, have testing days change, or if I lack inspiration for an animes description (this happens a lot). In any case, I am making a bundle of posts for the future for the moment.

I will probably also be having more anime/manga ranting posts and things of the sort. Not many, but some.

For now I will try to catch up on everything and unpack my bags! Will be posting soon tomorrow!!


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