Owari no Seraph

When it comes up to vampire animes, I’m extremely skeptical and hesitant. So I’m glad that I forced myself to watch the first episode of Owari no Seraph.

Genres: Action, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural.
My Rating: 9

Episodes: 12
Episode Length: 23 minutes
Aired: April 2015 – June 2015
Rated: PG13

Author: Kagami Takaya
Artist: Yamamoto Yamato
Released: 2012
Chapters: 34
Volumes: 8

Description: When a man made virus kills all humans above the age of thirteen, vampires arise and offer “protection” to the surviving children. Among these children is Hyakuya Yuuichiro, Hyakuya Mikaela, and the rest of their family from the orphanage. Yuu and Mika despise the vampires for treating the children like livestock, and they dream of escaping and destroying the vampires. But when their escape plan backfires, Yuu must leave with difficult obstacles yet to come.

– “My Rating” is for the anime only. I have not read the manga. (I will once the anime ends)
– There will be a season 2 coming out.
– The light novel is continuing.
– The art/graphics were nice. Nothing too special, but definitely not bad.
– Owari no Seraph = Owari no Serafu = Seraph of the End
I originally rated this anime as a 9, but I felt really disappointed by the amnesia thing. Amnesia feels like such a cliché anime route (along with a few other aspects in the anime). I don’t know how to explain this well, but unless the anime manages to turn the amnesia into something unique, I won’t be giving this a 9. SO, I’m giving Owari no Seraph a 9 again. I wasn’t sure if I should have given it an 8 or 9, but an 8 feels like I’m not giving the series enough credit, so… I’m giving it a 9, again.

Sources: Pic 1, Pic 2, beautiful gif from tumblr I just had to share.


3 thoughts on “Owari no Seraph

  1. I’m hesitant on watching this anime. Is so popular but i have no idea of I’ll even like this. But seeing this review i might try it out during my next holiday or when season 2 finish airing =)


    • Yeah, I decided to watch this anime because it seemed so popular. I would recommend waiting for season two to come out though, because the anime still has a lot do concerning the plot. Of course, if you want to avoid spoilers (on tumblr and such), then it might be better to watch it sooner. Anyway, I’m glad you considered watching the anime; its worth a shot!


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