Akatsuki no Yona

My first impression of Akatsuki no Yona was that it was very much like Fushigi Yuugi.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, (Reverse) Harem, Romance, Shoujo.
My Rating: 8

Episodes: 24
Episode Length: 24 minutes
Aired: Oct 2014 – March 2015
Rated: PG13

Mangaka: Mizuho Kusanagi
Released: 2009
Chapters: 98
Volumes: 17

Description: Fifteen year old Yona had a luxurious life as the spoiled princess of Kouka. She had a loving father, a loyal friend and bodyguard named Son Hak, and a her crush (who is also her cousin)named Soo Won coming for her sixteenth birthday. Yona’s world beautiful, however, takes a dark turn when she walks in on Soo Won murdering her father on her sixteenth birthday. Shocked and heartbroken, Yona is forced to run away with Hak to the outside world for the first time. Now sixteen years old, Yona will have to overcome her grief, learn how to stand up for herself and her kingdom, and fight a gruesome war with the comrades she will make on her long journey.

– Akatsuki no Yona = Yona of the Dawn
– I have read bits of the manga but not much. I’ll probably read more of it in the future.
– I honestly don’t know what happened to season 2? It just didn’t happen, unfortunately. If anyone knows what happened (with reliable sources),feel free to let me know.
– SO, for those who’ve read the post before this edit (6/14/2017), there was a huge rant here. I had very mixed feelings about Akatsuki no Yona when I first watched it because I did not like Yona’s character. She was too dainty and similar to other shoujo characters. However, she had an amazing development over the course of the show, and I’ve come to love her. I’m not going to lie, Akatsuki no Yona is probably one of my favorite shoujo animes now despite my original conflicting emotions. (Now if only season two would come out).

Sources: Pic 1, Pic 2.


10 thoughts on “Akatsuki no Yona

  1. Haha I’m kind of hurt seeing this because Akatsuki No Yona is my favorite Manga, but the reasons you gave are completely reasonable. Also I really did get a Fushigi Yuugi vibe from this


      • I don’t mind, and yes the story progressed. In the more recent chapters we finally get to learn more about Zeno (yeah even in the Manga, Zeno remains a mystery for a while). Yona also starts to realize her feelings for Hak (finally).


      • Wow, I guess Zeno might be a more complicated character after all. Thank you! Now I think I will definitely start reading the manga when/if season 2 comes out x)

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      • Yes, From the start I loved Zeno’s personality, but after learning more about him, and his past I think I’m putting him as my number one “Akatsuki No Yona” character. Although I love all the characters, and it’s so hard for me to choose.


      • Yes, that’s for sure. I never expected the characters to be so in-depth and fun. Its honestly been a while since I’ve seen a series with promising characters like that.

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      • Yeah, Akatsuki No Yona is definitely a gem in the anime world. It doesn’t really fall in any of the anime & character stereotypes. For the character stereotypes they kinda have them, like Shin-ah for example is the silent one, but Shin-ah and all the other characters have so much more going for them


      • Definitely! The characters are perfectly done. Each character has their own thing going for them, so its not like their ‘random’ or ‘unnecessary.’ Moreover, they have their own individuality. This is what I have to say is my favorite part of Akatsuki no Yona : )

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