Kitchen Princess

Kitchen Princess one of the first few mangas I read along with Kare First Love and Shugo Chara.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Tragedy*.
My Rating: 8
Author: Miyuki Kobayashi
Artist: Natsumi Ando
Released: 2004
Ended: 2008
Chapters: 47.5
Volumes: 10

Description: Najika Kazami has an amazing sense of taste and is talented in cooking. When Najika parent’s died in an accident when she was a child, a little boy managed to lighten up her world. Leaving Najika with a silver spoon, Najika is lead to Seika Academy and dreams of seeing her flan prince again. With many struggles yet to come, Najika must move forward to accomplish her dreams and find happiness.

– I was questioning on putting Tragedy in there or not, but there are some events that are… sad? (I found them more shocking…)
– From what I remember of Kitchen Princess was that I really liked the story and characters. Thinking back now, they aren’t completely original, but the story does have some ‘events’ that freshen up the story. The manga is a little like Love So Life mixed with Yumeiro Patissiere (and maybe with a bit of Kirarin Revolution romance?).

Sources: Pic 1, Pic 2.


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