Tokyo Ghoul

My favorite thing about Tokyo Ghoul was its OST music.

Genres: Action, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural, Tragedy.
My Rating: 8

Episodes: 12
Episode Length: 24 minutes
Aired: July 2014 – Sept 2014
Rated: R

Mangaka: Ishida Sui
Released: 2011
Ended: 2014
Chapters: 144
Volumes: 14

Description: There are ghouls in Tokyo that are causing multiple strange murders. While the ghouls continue eat humans with frantic news updates, Kaneki Ken and his best friend Hide continue to live their simple lives. The two boys speculate the reasons of why they haven’t seen a ghoul yet and wonder if it is because take a human form. Little do they know of the their twisted fate yet to come and the consequences of when Kaneki goes on a date.

– *This does not include Tokyo Ghoul:re
– There is a second season: Tokyo Ghoul √A
– I have not read the manga or watched the second season. I intend to, but I do not know when.
– This description intentionally turned out shorter and less informed than my usual ones. There are a lot of spoilers for this series out and they did ruin the series for me, so I wanted to keep the description short.
– RANT: I wish I had watched this anime while it was airing. Because, I really messed up. This anime had a lot, A LOT, of spoilers on the web. Unfortunately, because I knew what was going to happen, and because I know what’s going to happen, the series isn’t that special to me. It doesn’t rattle my emotions, but it makes me feel awkward and sit there like “okay…” Because all those “special moments” aren’t special when you experience/know of it more than once. I find myself thinking “this isn’t enough” or “it won’t matter” to “because this character is going to die” or to “this character in the end is screwed.” I should have watched the anime while it was airing. That is my biggest regret for this series.
– On a (not really) side note, I would rate the TG music a 10/10. It was just beautiful!

Source: Pic 1, Pic 2.


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