Quick Notice

1) The Blog

I’m not sure if anyone has actually looked or not, but I added a “Currently…” to the sidebar of this blog.

It basically lists some of the animes and mangas I am watching at the moment. It also lists some animes that I am behind on or have taken a break from. *cough* Kekkai Sensen *cough* (Honestly, I can’t get through it because the episodes put me to sleep).

2) Next Post

Tomorrow/Saturday I will be posting one-two posts. The one that I know I will be posting will be on an older anime. If I am feeling ambitious I might make the second post on Kuragehime. Otherwise I’ll make it on something else (like a manga).

3) The Schedule I Posted Out in the Summer

Originally, I was planning on taking my exams in October, but somewhere, I had changed my mind. So, I will be taking either one on December 3 or in January. I might just take both.

Around those days/weeks, I will probably be busy studying so my posts then will lag a bit. If anyone wants me to post something about a particular anime or manga, then I will make that post now-ish and post it around that time. If not, I’ll try to look at my “finished anime-manga” list and see what’s good for then.

What I said in that earlier post will still happen, but now, I will specifically not be able to post around Dec 3 and Jan ?

4) Halloween

I haven’t started my Halloween posts yet…

But just like last year, I will be posting multiple posts out on that day. Some of them might be a bit random like anime OSTs that I liked this season, etc, etc. I still haven’t 100% confirmed what I’m doing yet, but I will have by Sunday (at the very very least).

Edit: I almost forgot to mention that I will also be steadily updating or changing old posts. Some of the information is not up-to-date and others annoy me because of the lack of editing. In particular, Love So Life and 1/2 Prince will be heavily changed. I might delete the whole post and start over. I just wanted y’all to know just in case I deleted some of the old posts.

Anyway, that is all I wanted to say for now. Have a good day!


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