Boy of the Female Wolf

This manhwa is probably one of my favorites after Love in The Mask and 1/2 Prince.

Genres: Drama, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo.
My Rating: 7
Mangaka: Han Yu-rang
Released: 2007
Ended: 2016
Chapters: 100+
Volumes: 17
Rated: T

Description: After being abandoned by her mother, Eun-soo Cha grew up to be wild and violent despite her grandmother’s care. Eun-soo finds that no one believes that she is a girl with her fighting and personality, and she often takes advantage of this while fooling around. It is isn’t until Eun-soo’s grandmother dies, however, that she promises to stop fighting and follow her grandmother’s wishes. With her grandmother gone, Eun-soo Cha must move in with stepbrother in Seoul and face the many difficulties yet to come.

– I assigned the rating.
Translated chapters sometimes can take months to release. Although they’ve been frequently updating these past three months, this is not very usual.
– The ending was very sudden. The previous chapters did not prepare readers for the ending, and the previous chapters actually made me think there was a whole lot of things left to do.
– If you like Boy of The Female Wolf try out Love in The Mask. It has a better ending and is also by Han Yu-rang.

Sources: Pic 1, Pic 2.


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