Love So Life

Love So Life is an adorable manga about two little kids and their high school babysitter.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Shoujo, Romance, Slice-of-Life.
My Rating: 10
Mangaka: Kouichi Kaede
Released: 2008
Ended: 2016
Chapters: 106
Volumes: 17

Descriptions: Nakamura Shiharu is a loving high school girl approaching her last few years at an orphanage. With her dream, love, and passion towards children, Shiharu works at a day care with the hopes of owning her own one day. However, one faithful day at the daycare, a handsome man named Matsunaga Seiji abruptly asks Shiharu to babysit his kid nephew and niece: Akane and Aoi. With the desperate Matsunaga-san, the loving Shiharu, and the young and innocent Akane and Aoi, what future will the future hold for them?

– This is a remade post of my other Love So Life post. I tried to keep this post shorter and to the point. I will probably talk about this manga more later on.
– I would definitely recommend this manga. There is questioning romance (in terms of age differences), but the manga resolves it “diplomatically,” if you that’s the word for it.
– If you liked Love So Life, try Taiyou no Ie. Both manga have a refreshing vibe.


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