Winter Woods

Eyebrows have never been more important…

Genres: Fantasy, Romance.
My Rating: 10
Creator(s): Van Ji and Cosmos
Updates: Every Wednesday
Chapters: 106 [2 Seasons+ 2 Previews+ 1 Notice]
Released: 2014
Age Appropriation: Y (10+)

Description: Winter is created by an Alchemist from thousands of years ago. He is a being that moves and talks, but he isn’t alive. Upon being discovered by people, Winter undergoes cruel experiments, and then is moved onto a bigger and more complicated experiment – living with Jane. Jane is an aspiring writer, who is looking for new inspirations. When a friend of hers drops off Winter at her doorstep, Jane finds a story she just can’t miss. With two strange and unlikely beings living together, what will happen to Jane and Winter?


– I assigned the age appropriation.
– I started this webtoon out of boredom, and found out that this webtoon would change everything. I’ve never loved Wednesdays so much before.
– In previous webtoons, I put them under a manga tag and section, but I’ll be changing that from here on out.
– Read the prologue to Season 1 here. And read the prologue to Season 2 here.
– Read Winter Woods here.
– Read the additional chapter (that was published after season 1) to find out more here.

Sources: Pic 1, Pic 2.


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