About Death

Although the name sounds morbid and depressing, this emotional webtoon gave me a surprisingly bittersweet after taste.

Genres: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Tragedy.
My Rating: 10
Creator(s): Sini and Hyeono
Updates: ENDED
Chapters: 22
Released: 2012/2014
Ended: 2013/2014
Age Appropriation: T (Teen)

Description: A webtoon composed of different characters’ lives and endings.

– I assigned the age appropriation. (I made it Teen because some ideas and concepts of the webtoon were complex)
– When reading on WEBTOON, every chapter comes with a song.
– To be honest, I knew about this webtoon for a couple months before actually reading it. The title made me hesitant to read it because it sounded really sad. And yes, this webtoon was sad, but I think more than tragic, it was all about perspective and living life to the fullest. It was a short read, but definitely worth it.
– The English version in WEBTOON was all released in 2014.


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