Samishii Hito


Genres: Drama, Shoujo.
My Rating: 8
Mangaka: Saitou Ken
Released: 2013
Ended: 2014
Chapters: 4*
Volumes: 1
Rating: Y

Description: Despite begin fired for something she didn’t do, Kinoshita Rinko finds herself unable to cry. On her way home, Rinko encounters a beautiful woman crying and decides to consolidate her. Capturing the woman’s attention, Rinko is offered a job as a caretaker for the woman’s younger brother. Little does Rinko know that this job will save both her and the younger brother.


– *There is a total of four chapters, but only one chapter has been translated as far as I know. I have read all four chapters, so when I talk about the manga I am referring to the whole thing.
– I found this manga through the mangaka Saitou Ken. Saitou Ken has other cute shoujo works, so I recommend giving them a look.
– This manga has very little romance. It’s pretty much nonexistence (but still there).
– I might change the description later on (because it sounds very vague).


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