The name’s Sky, and this is my blog dedicated to anime and manga.


There will always be a show, movie, or manga that deserves a spotlight but doesn’t get it. I started this blog in hopes of “reviewing” or informing people of how amazing and different some animes and mangas can be. Although I can’t say I love every series I talk about, I try to keep my personal thoughts in the Notes, My Rating, and Introduction sections of my posts. Feel free to argue with what I say and correct me if I’m wrong.


As stated in at the top of the webpage, majority of the series I blog about will be shoujo. I’ve recently been indulging myself in other genres as well, so the blog will be opening up to other content.

Also, please note that I am a student and I travel a lot. Although I strive to keep a steady posting schedule, it is quite inconsistent. For now, I am going to be posting whenever I can and in bulks.


Lastly, I would like to say that all pictures and gifs used in this blog do not belong to me unless otherwise stated. I have a “Sources” section at the end of my posts, which link all pictures to their original URLs. Earlier posts will have the picture’s source in the captions. If for some reason a picture does not have a source, you can click on the picture to reach the original location or copy its address. Please let know me if none of the methods above work for a certain picture/gif in this blog. It would also be appreciated to be notified if a picture/gif does not appear on a post.



If you want to contact me or have any questions, you can go to my Contact page.


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