When reading informational/review posts, there are two different ratings that can be found. This page will explain both ratings and what each one means.

The first rating is called “My Rating.”

My Rating

This rating is based on a 1 – 10 scale, and it is my personal opinion about an anime or manga. My Rating can often be found underneath the “Genres” information.

The numbers over time have changed to mean different things, but generally, an anime/manga that I consider good or average can range from a 6 to an 8. Animes/manga with a 6 rating usually are average or below average, while an 8 can mean average or pretty good. Anything rated below a 6 usually means I did not enjoy the series, and in contrast, anything rated a 9 or 10 means I really enjoyed the series.

I may go back to change a My Rating due to a misjudgment made for a series’ rating. When a My Rating often differs drastically (in a negative way) from the public’s opinion, I will put the average rating of the series from multiple sites in the “Notes” section below.

The second types of ratings used on this blog are age appropriations.

Age Rating

To advise and warn people of a series, I will always put an age appropriation in the “Rating” section. This will usually be at the bottom of an “Anime” or “Manga” section. When a series has an anime and manga, I will only put one rating for the anime unless stated otherwise.

Before August 2016, I loosely rated multiple series through the Motion Pictures rating system and I did not give ratings for mangas. From August 2016, I will be following that rating system more strictly and include manga ratings as well. This will apply for any anime and manga. Anything put in the Webtoon category will also follow manga ratings.

Webtoons and manga will be following either their publishers age appropriation or, if not found, I will allocate an appropriation based on the list below. I will sometimes indicate whether I am allocating the age appropriation or not in the “Notes” section at the end of a post. Also, if I am allocating the age appropriation and am unsure of which appropriation is fitting, I will often rate the series with the higher appropriation for precaution.

Age Appropriations (with my abbreviations): All Ages (E), Teens (T), Teens Plus (T+), Mature (M). I will also be adding Youth (10+).

To find out more about how manga is age appropriated, check this post (note: I only skimmed this), or look at manga from ShoujoBeat or ShonenJump. You can also check the Viz site.

To find out more about Motion Pictures rating system, check out their website, or the Film Ratings website, or check wikipedia .